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Week 5 Weekend Player Updates


Kyle Stafford – @Kstafford32

As Week 5 approaches, I feel the need to mix it up a little. I am going to lay out the top 5 free agents for each position. Here we go:


Matt Hasselbeck, TEN:  As I predicted, another great week 3 TDs 200+ yards. Faces a Pittsburgh Defense that has had a lot of holes this season.

Broncos will pick between Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow soon

Mark Sanchez, NYJ:  Did not look good against Baltimore, but who does? Faces New England and Miami Secondaries the next two weeks. Should bounce back.

Kevin Kolb, ARI:  Is going up against a Vikings Defense that let Matt Cassel beat them deap many times last week.

Donovan McNabb, MIN:  This is one of the few times you will see something positive written about him from me. I favor his matchup this week. The Cardinals secondary is young and careless.

Tim Tebow, DEN:  Ya, I went there. If Orton can’t get the job done this week you could see a change at the QB postion. Now before you bash his throwing mechanics look at what he did in 2010 (2010 Game Stats). In the final 2 games he had a rushing TD in each game, threw for 300 in one game and rushed for 94 in the other. He is atleast Tyler Thigpen 2.0.

Running Backs:

Ryan Torian, WAS:  You never know who Shanahan will hand the ball off to, but you can almost count that they will be productive.

Dexter McCluster, KC:  Looks to be getting the bulk of the carries. We will see how long he holds up. Has a favorable matchup against Indy.

Former LSU Star Stevan Ridley is showing up strong in New England

Isaac Redman, PIT: With Mendenhall and Moore injuryed, Redman should see the bulk of the carries in Pitt for Week 5.

Stevan Ridley, NE:  Has came out of nowhere and is giving Ben J-G-E a run for his carries. BUT  New England has never been consistant with their running backs over the years.

Montario Hardesty, CLE:  Has not forfilled his full potential, but did a decent job in Hillis’s absence

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends:

Jacoby Jones WR, HOU:  With Andre Johnson out, you can expect his targets to go up

Preston Parker is emerging as a threat in Tampa

Jared Cook TE, TEN:  With Kenny Brit gone, Cook is now Hasselbecks favorite target. Look for his fantasy numbers to spike.

Antonio Brown WR, PIT:  Pittsburgh’s run game has been ineffective. Look for Brown’s role to grow as they expand the passing game.

Jermaine Gresham TE, CIN:  As Andy Daulton develops, he will rely more on his pass catching TE.

Preston Parker WR, TB:  Nobody is paying attention to this kid in Yahoo/ESPN leagues. He is owned by less than 6%. He is getting the targets and as Freeman becomes more comfortable in this offense look for his production to rise. Tampa is built to be a passing team if Freeman can take hold of it.

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Preseason Player Updates



Kyle Stafford – @Kstafford32

Throughout the season I will give weekly Updates on Quality Free Agents, Players on the Rise & Decline, and Players to Buy/Sell on. This is the inaugural “Player Update” Article. Enjoy!

Digging for Gold:

If you are looking at Free Agency before the season here are 3 reasons why:

#1        You are unhappy with your draft

#2        You where handed the dreaded “Auto Pick”….. Get a better connection

#3        You took Arian Foster in the 1st round…. Follow me on twitter and you would not have made that mistake

Filling a need at this point is a huge shot in the dark. Look for the players that are receiving the most targets/carries. They are your best chance to have an immediate impact. Also take a look at players who are the backup to a starter with injury risks.

If you drafted Arian Foster in the 1st round, what is your next move?



The Ups & Downs:

Do not pay attention to preseason stats. Teams do not show the entire playbook during preseason and playing time is limited. Preseason does show who is moving up or down on the depth chart and the health of players coming back from injury. It also gives you a glimpse how new players will fit into the current system.


Players on the Rise:

Antonio Brown WR, Pit: His stock has been soaring. Looks to fill the Big Play role.  Unfortunately this is a negative for the veteran Hines Ward. If he doesn’t survive the draft don’t overpay, he is not a high target receiver


Lance Kendricks TE, STL: Kendricks fits the Rams scheme. Although Sam Bradford relied heavy on the TE position in his rookie year, I see him growing and spreading the ball around this year. Look at the Josh McDaniels offense in Denver last year. Kendricks is comparable to Tony Moeaki as a Rookie.


Tim Hightower RB, Was: Hightower will get more looks this year than any previous year he had with Arizona. The Redskins have zero talent on offense, but I see Hightower as the goal line back that can also catch the ball. It is worth it to mention Mike Shananhan’s amazing history with running backs in his run-block scheme.


Vince Young QB, Phi: Yeah I went there… he has looked surprisingly comfortable in Andy Reid’s Offense and if/when Mike Vick gets blindsided he will have plenty of weapons around him.


Tim Hightower hopes to be the next in line to have success in Shananhan's Run Blocking Scheme


Players on the Down:


Tim Tebow QB, Den: I believe he could put up amazing but meaningless stats that would vault him into a Top FANTASY Quarterback. Look what Tyler Thigpen did in 2008 with the Chiefs. Obviously, John Elway and John Fox do not play fantasy football because they are taking a play out of Herm Edwards book and are Playing to Win the Game. The past 4 weeks Tebow has gone from Fan Favorite #1 Jersey Selling Starting Quarterback to Fan Favorite #1 Jersey Selling 4th String Quarterback. Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn have looked very impressive this preseason and will keep their jobs as long as the Broncos are around .500.


Clinton Portis RB, FA: Portis is running out of teams to play for. Huge questions about his health and his age are keeping this once consistent Fantasy Runner out of the league. If you want to see how this story ends look at the end of Shawn Alexander’s Career.


Brandon Gibson WR, Stl: Gibson had a lot of hype after the Rams acquired him from the Eagles last year. The Rams were hit with lots of injuries that promoted Gibson to the #1 target. He put up 620 yards with 53 catches in 12 games. With Donnie Avery coming back, and Mark Clayton resigning there just isn’t enough balls to go around for Gibson. Gibson also has a hard time with dropped passes. Recent injury reports say he has a possible Turf Toe injury that could linger all season.


Jonathan Baldwin WR, KC: The 2011 First Round Pick of the Chiefs was expected to be a big redzone target opposite of Dewayne Bowe. Baldwin had a disappointing training camp with players and coaches complaining about his immaturity and lack of respect for the coaching staff. Thomas Jones took matters into his own fists and put Baldwin in his place…. Which also put the rookie on the injury report with a broken wrist out 4-6 weeks.


Jonathan Baldwin got lit up by those guns on Mr. Jones



Buy or Sell:

 I will not list players until after the season starts. A few notes on trading before the season starts.

-Always counter to all trade offers. If keep trade talks alive and you never know if someone might accept your offer. Why Not?

-Fills holes without creating holes. You drafted your Key Players for a reason, don’t sell the farm before the season starts

-Find the Guy that loves Trading. Identify the Owner in your league that makes a trade every week. Send him offers or feelers now, eventually he will send you an offer that you will like because he is addicted to trading.


Don't Be "That Guy"



Always schedule your draft after the Preseason wraps up. Otherwise you will be “That Guy” with Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, and Arian Foster.


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Tim Tebow’s future in NFL




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