2013 Fantasy Baseball Watch List : Speed


2013 Fantasy Baseball Watch List

Kyle Stafford – @KStafford32

Speed Players:

Nobody doubts Gardners skill. Can he stay healthy?

Nobody doubts Gardner’s skill. Can he stay healthy?

Ben Revere- Phi, OF: I am very high on Revere this year. Had an 80% SB success rate last year. Being on the Phillies roster this year is an improvment. He is a rare speed guy with a high contact rate. Projection- .290, SB:50+

Everth Cabrera- SD, SS: The only thing you get with Cabrera is speed. He hit .250 and still had 44 SB in 2012. If he improves at the plate, we could see elite 60+ SB. Projection- .235, SB: 35

Billy Hamilton- Cin, SS/OF:  The big question with Hamilton is, Can he hit at the major league level? He made huge improvements at the plate in the minors. High Walk Rate and Contact Rate continued to rise all last season. If the Reds have an injury in the outfield, this could give this top prospect a chance to shine. Projections: .245, SB: 45+

Brett Gardner- NY, OF:  I was one of the many that bought into Gardner last year in multiple leagues and lost big. There is the concern for injury. He has looked good and healthy at the start of the spring. I believe he is a key piece at the top of the Yankee lineup. I am going to buy high on him again this year. Projection .285 SB: 55+

Darin Mastroianni- Min, OF:  A classic case of “You Can’t Steal First”. When Mastoianni does reach first he is a beast. Elite speed, 85% SB Rate. He will platoon this year. Projection .220, SB: 30

Can Hamilton break stolen base records in the Show?

Can Hamilton break stolen base records in the Show?

Norichika Aoki- Mil, OF:  Turned it up in the second half last year(.290, 20 SB). He is a nice overall outfield option that will fall to the mid to late rounds. Projection .300, SB: 28

Jean Segura- Mil, SS:  Has had injury problems, but is a nice young developing talent. Has great speed that will show more as his bat comes along. Projection .275, SB: 35+



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