Kyle is a lifelong Redbirds fan and grew up idolizing the shortstop that many in STL simply call "The Wizard"

A Know-It-All is Born…

A lifelong Missouri resident, Kyle Stafford was born in St. Joseph, Missouri and currently resides in the Kansas City area with his awesome wife Lauren.  The best way to describe Kyle professionally is that he’s an entrepreneur.  He has been self-employed since the age of 19.  He owned a restaurant for 7 years and has owned and operated his service business for the past 4.

Kyle is a proud fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and as a child idolized the likes of Ozzie Smith, Ray Lankford, and Tom Pagnozzi.  He is also a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and though this once great franchise has not given him much to be proud of in his lifetime, he continues to hold out hope that the Chiefs will be great once again.  Kyle also enjoys NBA basketball.  He was a big fan of Shaq, Penny, and the Orlando Magic when he was young but once free agency and injury tore that team apart, he became a fan of the league in general.  On the college side of things, Kyle supports the University of Missouri Tigers and enjoys Big XII Sports, though he will be the first to tell you he really doesn’t believe the conference will be around much longer.

As a sports fan, Kyle views sport as entertainment.  He feels that many fans make the mistake of paying underperforming teams and overpaying for teams that overperform.  His view is that since sports is entertainment, the fan should only pay when entertained.

In 1997, Kyle’s parents bought him his first computer marking the first time he had his own access to the Internet.  Kyle quickly discovered the world of fantasy sports as a way to fuel the competitive fire he has as a sports fan.  He has seen much success in fantasy football and baseball by simplifying the draft into a basic formula and being a genius when it comes to trades and the waiver wire.  As Can of Corn’s “Know-It-All” he uses his own success to pass on pearls of wisdom to the fantasy sports players everywhere.


There really hasn't been much to get excited about in the years since Super Bowl IV, but Kyle has hope that the Chiefs will be great again


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