Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings – Second Base


Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings

Updated 2/2/11



Second Baseman


Kyle Stafford – @KStafford32

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The rankings are based upon the following:


Random Variance Score- shows the results random variance had on a player’s 2011 season and the probability that a player will exceed or regress in 2012. Scoring is a -5 to +5 scale that measures several sabermetric categories that reflect if a player is prone to regression.


The Mayberry Method- a 0-5 scale of a fantasy players Power, Speed, Batting Average, and Playing Time.


Health & Age- Player is given a score A to F based on the combination of health history and age/regression.


Runs Above Replacement (RAR)- Estimated number of runs a player will generate above his replacement


On Base Plus Slugging Average (OPS)- Combines On Base percentage plus slugging percentage to show a players overall performance. Elite players will bat .900 or higher. Stars will bat .800 or higher. The average player will bat above .650. A bad score is anything under .650



1. Robinson Cano, NYY

Age: 29   2011 Stats: .302-28-118


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







Cano has so much upside it’s hard to ignore. He has power, average, and is in a monster lineup. He did take a minor baby step back in 2011. OPS, Contact rate, and FB% all took a drop. I would not be concerned, you have 3-4 strong prime years with a guy that plays a position with weak talent. I don’t think he can compete for a batting title, but he will hit .300-30-100.


2. Ian Kinsler, Tex

Age: 30   2011 Stats: .255-32-77


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







When healthy, Kinsler is the elite second baseman. 2011 showed what a healthy year can produce. The great news is that he is due for an even bigger year in 2012, if he can stay healthy.  At 30 years old we have no idea how injuries will continue to effect Kinsler, but 30-30 potential and hope that .300 batting average can come back would make Kinsler a top 15 fantasy player.


3. Dustin Pedroia, Bos

Age: 28   2011 Stats: .307-21-91


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







Pedroia put up very similar numbers to his 2008 MVP season. His first 20-20 season and a huge second half stat line .339-14-56. The trends show Pedroia could take a step back in 2012. Being in that very dangerous Boston lineup, I could see the opposite take effect. At 28, Pedroia is a safe pick.


4. Ben Zobrist, TB

Age: 31   2011 Stats: .269-20-91


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







Zobrist had another solid season. At 31, regression is always a concern. He has a healthy OPS, and runs the bases well. A solid middle infield option.


5. Brandon Phillips, Cin

Age: 31   2011 Stats: .300-18-82


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS






Being on the wrong side of 30, regression has hit Phillips that past few seasons. He is no longer a 20-30 HR threat. The days of 30 SB are gone. What you are left is an aging hitter that will hit .285-15-70. Still not a bad stat line for a middle infielder. His regression rate is similar to Orlando Hudson when he hit 30, Phillips obviously has a better skillset.


6. Chase Utley, Phi 

Age: 33   2011 Stats: .259-11-44


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







When healthy, Utley has an elite skillset for the second base position. He plays the game hard, sometimes too hard. You have to have faith that he is going to be healthy if you select him on draft day. In the second half of 2011, you saw him gain power as he stayed healthy. He also ran the bases well as the season progressed. I see a BA rebound, and you can expect 20 HRs, and double digit SB.


7. Howie Kendrick, LAA

Age: 28   2011 Stats: .285-18-63


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







Great combination of Speed/Power/BA. The trends show that we have not seen the peak of his power yet. Qualifying at 2B/OF, you can not get a better value pick than Kendrick.



8. Rickie Weeks, Mil

Age: 29   2011 Stats: .269-20-49


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







Last year I passed on drafting Weeks because I was afraid of his injury history. I was right, but again I was wrong because I drafted Tsuyoshi Nishioka instead…. I was trying to stay under my league cap…my bad. Like Utley, Weeks is another example of great talent that can’t stay on the field. 30+ HR, 25+ SB, and 100 RBI potential that we have been waiting for since 2007, but we only got a short look at it in 2010. He could be the only big bat for the Brewers this season with Ryan Braun a facing PED suspension. Classic High Risk-High Reward.


9. Dan Uggla, Atl

Age: 32   2011 Stats: .233-36-82


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







Had a great second half, .290-24-54. Buy the Power, 30-35 HR potential. BA is on a huge decline, and regression trends are picking up. He is the Mark Reynolds of second basemen.


10. Brian Roberts, Bal

Age: 34  2011 Stats: .221-3-19


Rand Variance Mayberry Health / Age RAR OPS







Continuing the trend of talented Second Basemen that can’t stay healthy, Meet Brian Roberts. This former 18 HR, 50 SB, .314 hitter has fallen pretty hard. Unable to stay healthy, because he can’t take his PEDs *allegedly*, Roberts has only potential that keeps him in the discussion of top second basemen. Like Joe Mauer, you can’t ignore potential. Let hope Roberts skills were not all a result of PED abuse *allegedly*. Looking at the stats and factoring in regression at 34, IF Roberts can get 500 AB look forward to .265-10-60 with 20 SB.



If you would like to explore more in-depth about Advanced Metrics, here are some amazing resources/people that have made a priceless impact on the way I evaluate players and it has shown in the success I have each year. I do not get any kick backs from this list, just like to promote great materials/information when I see it.  – Ron Shandler is amazing, buy Baseball Forecaster… it’s my “Fantasy Bible” – Ray Flowers gives simple, but great wisdom on the world of Fantasy Sports. Follow him on twitter @Baseballguys – Bill James is the Godfather of SABR, If you are new to the game here is where you start to learn advanced metrics



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7 responses to “Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings – Second Base

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  3. I like your Kendrick ranking. I’ve been watching him for years now and I think he will be a great pick going forward. Not sure how you could even draft Roberts until the last few rounds. there are a lot of 2b’s I would take a chance on before him. In my opinion, Roberts only really had 2 or 3 good years. I think he is more myth than reality.

      • I looked again at his career stats and I stand corrected. I see about 4 elite seasons and a couple more very good ones. I do recall now that I was late to the Roberts party in the first place. I agree that I don’t think he will reach those levels again. If he gets a healthy 500 AB I could see him contributing in BA and runs if the O’s can drive him in. I’m going to be he falls out of the top 10 though and I won’t draft him unless I miss out on many of the others and even then it will be late. I guess we’ll see.
        Joe Stangs

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