Any Road wins this weekend?

Last week we saw all 4 home teams win their wild card match-ups and advance to the divisional round.  With that in mind, does the first road win of the playoffs occur this weekend?


2 responses to “Any Road wins this weekend?

  1. What will happen when we have athletes who were successful w/ multiple numbers on their jersey? Like Bo Jackson – #34 w/ the Raiders, but his Royals # was 16.

    • I am sorry that I am just now seeing this comment. You bring up a valid point. And I think the current installment and next installment will answer that question (#10 and #91), players clearly wear multiple jersey numbers whether it’s between college and the pros or different professional teams. I choose to consider athletes for all jersey number that they incurred success in. So to answer your question Bo Jackson would be considered fro 16 and 34, just as Nolan Ryan (who already got Table #30) will be considered for Table #34. With so many great athletes out there though, I have no plans to award multiple tables to one athlete – that would just be ridiculous.

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