Where does Bill Bellichick rank among NFL Head Coaches All-time?




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2 responses to “Where does Bill Bellichick rank among NFL Head Coaches All-time?

  1. If Bellichick gets another ring he may genuinely have to be discussed as the greatest of all time. As it stands, it would be hard to rank him #1, but I’d have no trouble with #2 at this point.

  2. Bellyjerk is a good coach, but when Brady retires its game over. To be a best ever, a coach must be an innovator, must have many wins, and must change how the game is played.
    The following coaches are better than the jerk:

    George Halas, 300 plus wins and the reason we have an NFL

    Don Shula, 300 plus wins and he actually did have an undefeated season.

    Chuck Knoll, he changed the culture in Pittsburgh and they are still a force because of this

    Tom Landry, almost three hundred wins and the only reason he doesn’t have more rings is that in the 70s he faced Noll and in the 80s faced Walsh

    Bill Walsh, west coast offense to its highest level, and sure George Siefert won XXIV and XXIX but he built a team which pwnd the league for almost twenty years

    Vince Lombardi, play hard or get the hell out of town. Only coach to ever lead his team to three straight championships

    Paul Brown, one reason the AAFC folded was that the Browns just won everything. Then he came into the NFL and it was more of the same. Not his fault that his titles came before the superbowl era.

    Joe Gibbs, he should never have come back after leaving in 1992, but in his first tenure he went to four Superbowls and won three of them. His teams made the NFC title game a couple other times to. He won because of his system using mediocre journeyman talent. I mean really who is a better QB? John Elway or Doug Williams, Jim Kelly or Mark Rypien?

    Bill Parcells, three superbowls with two wins, led another club to the conference championship, and put the cowboys back in the playoffs

    John Madden, worst broadcaster ever but one of the best coaches ever. Not his fault that he had to play Noll’s Steelers in the Playoffs. I am not sure, but I think he has one of the highest winning percentages ever

    He is a damn good coach, one of the reasons all AFC east fans not in the Boston metro hate him, and he is the best currently active coach in the league. He is in the top fifteen firmly entrenched at number 11, but can be no higher than ten.

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