The Baylor Dilemna


Submitted by: Nick Freeman

For weeks now, all of college football has been talking about expansion. Most of the expansion talk has revolved around Texas A&M and their determination to join the SEC. A few days ago, the SEC voted to let Texas A&M join their conference but, only if there is threat for legal action. The problem is many of the teams in the Big 12 are considering legal action, with Baylor leading the charge. The question is, why does Baylor care if Texas A&M joins the SEC when they didn’t say a word when Nebraska went to the Big 10 and Colorado went to the PAC 10, which is now the PAC 12.

I believe Baylor is worried about the conference breaking up, if it does break up, they know the chances aren’t good that they would get invited to a major conference. Of the 10 teams currently in the Big 12, Texas A&M is trying to go to the SEC. Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, and Texas tech are all being mentioned as candidates to join the PAC 12.  Mizzou, Kansas, and K-State are rumored to be candidates to join the Big East. That leaves Baylor and Iowa State with nowhere to go. Baylor has a student body of roughly 12,000 students. For a comparison Alabama has a little over 27,000 students. Baylor just doesn’t have the size or the money a big conference would be looking for, so who can blame them for trying to stop Texas A&M from leaving?

If all of the conference expansion actually occurs, it will change college football as we know it. Rivalries that we have followed for years will cease to exist. They will be replaced with rivalries we have to fly halfway across the state to see. Suppose Texas goes to the PAC 12 and Texas A&M goes to the SEC to watch Texas play USC you have to go clear to California if you’re a Texas fan and to Texas if you’re a USC fan. You can’t just drive an hour and a half and go to College Station from Austin. Aside from that, if the Big 12 breaks up, the bowl system will have to be completely reconfigured. In a few weeks, Oklahoma will decide whether they are going to the PAC 12 or not and we will know the future of the Big 12. Hopefully, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe can come out of his cave perform a miracle and keep conference armageddon from happening.



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