Most likely to play in the NFL this season?


2 responses to “Most likely to play in the NFL this season?

  1. Randy Moss will come back. He can’t finish his career going out with the titans. Not to mention the awful stats he put up in his so called “final” year. If a possible playoff/super bowl contender calls when one of their receivers gets knocked out for the season Moss will gladly come back even if it is a cut in salary.
    Although Moss is typically all about himself, he still is missing his ring and I think if he has a chance he would be dumb not to take it.

    • Bret, I do agree. I believe that for half of the NFL’s teams, Randy Moss would be a definite upgrade at the WR position. As a Vikings fan, I’d love to see the Vikings give him one last shot because they can definitely use some help without Sidney. I do feel that at some point, someone is going to need him and someone is going to pay him. I feel from a team need level, Moss is the most likely. From a player standpoint, I think Kreutz is the most likely. If he can find a good job, he’ll take it even though he has always been loyal to Chicago. Of these four, I really do see Favre as the least likely to come back.

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